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Lucilla Galeazzi e Levocidoro per il primo maggio di Sesto Fiorentino

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Primo Maggio con Lucilla Galeazzi & Levocidoro

Sesto Fiorentino, Firenze

Giuliano Gabriele Trio – Danze di Passione e Malavita

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Giuliano Gabriele Trio “Danze di passione e malavita” 2 maggio presso Auditorium, Roma


I Tupa Ruja il primo giugno al Vibe Connection Festival

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I Tupa Ruja al Vibe Connection Festival

Latina, italy


A musical journey coordinated by writer and performer Gabriella Ghermandi, the only existing Ethio-italian band, several time awarded. The only existing group that has all the main Ethiopian traditional instruments blended with modern instruments. The Ethiopian musicians have been collaborating with the THE EX since long time.

Multi-instrumentalist and inexhaustible composer, founder and director of the Ikona Band and of various international ensembles of world music. His polyglot music also speaks the Sabir (ancient uncoded language spoken for centuries as Esperanto of the sea people) and plays through the traditional instruments of the lands of the whole[…]

The indie-folk power-duo of accordionist and multi-instrumentalist Ludovica Valori and double bass player Paolo Camerini is always on the road, crossing countries and continents looking for inspiration for the contaminated music of their Traindeville project. The journey is the ideal dimension for Valori and Camerini, a condition of constant movement[…]

Singer, tambourine and a dancer, Anna Cinzia Villani is an interpreter who has created a close relationship between her artistic activity and research in the field. Next to the analysis of the recordings of ethnomusicologists, she has in fact collected a surprising repertoire directly from the singers of Salento. Her[…]

Among the greatest exponents in Italy and in Europe of jewish music, Enrico Fink, born in Florence, travels the world above the theater stages of Europe and the United States, holding meetings, conferences, talks, telling stories, singing and playing. Descendant of a large family of Russian Jewish refugees, after a[…]

Author and songwriter, she was born in Alghero where she still lives there today. Former leader and founder of Chichimeca, C.C mixes Sardinian folk culture with Latin American influences and kneads folk with rock with an impressive naturalness. Claudia is a powerful and expressive voice, guiding souls such as Frida[…]

Singer, guitarist and author. Her precious arrangements on the classical guitar ignite human feelings and events in a vast musical repertoire where folk music tells everything with unbridled authenticity. Stornelli, serenades, love songs from his city (Rome) but that, in all the corners of the world, S.P. can sing with[…]

Giuditta Scorcelletti, born in 1976, carries out a very personal and original discussion on folk music. She began to research folk music and traditions of the Pistoia mountains, under the guidance of anthropologist Alessandro Fornari. In her songs, we find the vocal Tuscan tradition, which were moved by the passion[…]

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