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Anna Cinzia Villani She is called the Salento’s voice.

Singer, musician and creator of projects which falls in the general framework of the revival of the traditions of the Southern Italy, she is able to link the breath of her ancient land with the contemporary musical idioms, revealing the possibility of a balanced synthesis between tradition and modernity.

As a singer who has been performing for more of twenty years, she has been supported by continuous research and knowledge of styles and methods of the master singers and dancers and the subsequent disclosure through many workshops of song and dance throughout the country and beyond. Her interest is do not lose some typical traits of singing that are the real deep musical charatheristics of this land, like the rythm of the “Tamburreddhu” (tambourine from the Salento).

After numerous record collaborations she starts the soloist carrer in 2008 with Ninnamorella (AnimaMundi / Afq), appreciated by critics for the depth of the approach. ” She has an atavistic voice, of impressive power, of overwhelming maturity, […] a treasure unveiled.” Guido Festinese wrote on Alias (poster music insert) of May 30, 2009. The album had extensive success in Italy and abroad and has been programmed by several national radio stations (Radio Rai 3, Popular Radio, Radio Shock Wave, etc.) and foreign (BBC Radio 3 -England -, Radio Vancouver – Canada -, etc.). On March 2012 is instead the second album «Fimmana, mare and focu! » (AnimaMundi), selected by the Puglia Sounds commission, in reference to the regional called “Recording”, to be supported in the promotion activity.

Recently Anna Cinzia started an artistic collaboration with Nidi d’Arac,

completely innovative group that integrates the music and the songs of Salento with some modern sounds. Together with them he recorded the last single “La meju gioventù” present in the album “It / aliens”.

In “Canti di donne terra e sale” you can find the artist who plays different instruments such as accordion, “Tamburreddhu” but also a little more unusual percussions, (castagnola, triangle and ‘violin of the poor’), to speake about the complex figure of woman.

The newest production (November 2016) is the single “Ulia”, composed by her as singer and author, who tells about the problems that caratherise the ‘artist’s life’ today with an ancient and ironic language. « Ulìa » is now a live show in wich the ancient dance of Pizzica pizzica meets Capoeira, thanks to the presence of Mestre Canhao who is based in the Salento.


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