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A musical journey coordinated by writer and performer Gabriella Ghermandi, the only existing Ethio-italian band, several time awarded. The only existing group that has all the main Ethiopian traditional instruments blended with modern instruments. The Ethiopian musicians have been collaborating with the THE EX since long time.

Touring with their new project “Maqeda” which is  the Ethiopian name of the Queen of Sheba, dedicated to historical and mythological female figures of Ethiopia and rituals of ethnic groups with women at their center. A project  realized in tandem between Ethiopia and Italy. The result of a long journey in Ethiopia and work with composers of various ethnic groups.
Dj Ritu of “A world in London says: “ATP inaugurates an exciting new chapter for East African music”
Global A GO GO says: “They’re making their own variant of jazz-meets-Azmari folk music, closely related to Mulatu Astatke’s venerable Ethio-jazz”


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