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Lara Molino’s show takes its name from her last album, “Fòrte e Gendìle” (“Strong and gentle”) in Abruzzo dialect, published by FonoBisanzio in June 2017.

Thanks to this record, Lara Molino obtained a successful public and critical acclaim from several Italian magazines, such as: “Vinile”, “Musica Jazz”, “Buscadero” and “Internazionale”, which are related admirably about her and her music.

All around Italy, Lara has performed in many concerts with Michele Gazich, an  internationally acclaimed violinist and artistic producer of the album, alongside with her trio: violin, accordion and guitar.

During the one hour and a half concert, the songwriter presents her own songs from her album “Fòrte e Gendìle”, as well as some songs of the popular tradition of Abruzzo; she sings and plays the acoustic guitar. A violinist and an accordionist also performed with her on stage.

Lara Molino’s songs deal with the story of common people: emigrants, farmers, women, fishermen, brigands, and also local characters like the sprite called “Mazzemarèlle”. These are all protagonists of true stories that describe places, beliefs and traditions in Abruzzo.

The show is dedicated in particular to all yesterday and today’s emigrants of Abruzzo, to all the women of the world, and to the young people who have not known the Abruzzese language and history yet.


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