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FOLKTRIP® is an organization that deals with the recovery and promotion of traditional folk music in Italy and in Europe through its radio program, through the tour management of established folk artists, written journalism, internships, conferences and through the production of Italian folk playlists for institutions and activities of all kinds.


The idea was born in 2015 thanks to ​​Susanna Buffa (journalist and singer in the field of folk ) and Paolo Travelli, radio dj speaker and concert organizer. Immediately two parallel paths developed: the radio one, entrusted to the knowledge and experience of Susanna who conducts the transmission and performs interviews with all the greatest artists of the “traditional folk” Italian music (among which Nando Citarella, Lucilla Galeazzi, Giovanna Marini and many others), meanwhile Paolo organizes and creates a roster of artists with the aim of organizing concerts both in Luxembourg, where Paolo lives, and in the neighboring countries (France, Germany, Belgium).


The first concert that stands out immediately for the musical quality (proposed and signed by FOLKTRIP) is held at the Théâtre d’Esch, Esch-Sur-Alzette which will involve LUCILLA GALEAZZI and the chorus of LEVOCIDORO (Chiara Casarico, Nora Tigges, Susanna Buffa, Susanna Ruffini, Sara Marchesi, Marta Ricci), accompanied by Stefania Placidi’s guitar. It’s a public success and an excellent result to continue.


Over the years FOLKTRIP has organized other major events such as the concerts of: BANDABARDO ‘and MODENA CITY RAMBLERS during the Festival du Film italien de Villerupt in France; the tribute to Rosa Balistreri with the wonderful ROSADILICATA show in Belgium and France; the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the massacre of the Marcinelle mine with the concert at the Bois de Cazier by Lucilla Galeazzi and Susanna Buffa; the tribute to Domenico Modugno by Peppe Voltarelli in France and Luxembourg up to the wonderful MEYOUZIK Festival, organized by the tourist office of VILLE DE LUXEMBOURG, where they performed the STEFANO SALETTI’s two bands: CARACAS and BANDA IKONA.


FOLKTRIP took part in WOMEX 2017 in Poland and will be present at GRAN CANARIA in 2018, reflecting the organization’s international reputation, which today aims to bring together in an organic and structured way the Italian folk musical heritage to promote it. beyond national borders, with the certainty that the MADE IN ITALY also in the field of music, very popular even abroad.



Today FOLKTRIP counts in its roster the likes of ANNA CINZIA VILLANI, voice of great value of the Salento culture and recent MARIA CARTA award; ALESSANDRO D’ALESSANDRO, organist with an indisputable talent who presents his ORCHESTRA BOTTONI, an original project composed of only accordions and voice; ENRICO FINK world-renowned performer of klezmer music; STEFANO SALETTI with his extraordinary BANDA IKONA, one of the very few musical formations in the world that sings in sabir, an ancient language spoken by merchants and pirates of the Mediterranean; THE FRONT OF WOMEN, led by the internationally renowned artist LUCILLA GALEAZZI, a show celebrating the value of women during the First World War; TRAINDEVILLE, a crossroads of different cultures between India, Balkan countries and Italian popular culture. Also part of the FOLKTRIP team are: PEPPE VOLTARELLI, LAURA MOLINO, CLAUDIA CRABUZZA, representatives of regional music from Calabria, Abruzzo and Sardinia.


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  1. Nicola Giancristofaro - 14 April 2018 22:33

    Salve, complimenti per il sito. Sono un cantautore, appassionato del genere folk, scrivo canzoni per raccontare storie e leggende della mia terra [Abruzzo], vi occupate anche di promozione delle nuove leve artistiche


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