‘Com un soldat is a record that tells of a woman-mother-fighter who I am and which can be anyone. It is a feminine story which includes many facets of life and different emotions. I wrote these songs beginning with the tale of the moment my first child was born. Chimes of pain dedicated to those who suffer the same pain without having the same infinite joy in return. Then was born Mare Antiga, a ceremony for the Earth, a great Mother who guides the most natural gestures. So did all the songs come as I was thinking about my beloved Frida and Lhasa, influential women on the world stage, my three children, and broken hearts which have moved on to seek new lives. Com un soldat comes from here, from my years as a grown up woman, full of desire to do things and turn off the underground noises. It is my account of what I mean by spirituality’. With lyrics by Claudia Crabuzza, music by Fabio Sanna, arrangements and engravings by Julian Saldarriaga, Dani Ferrer and Roger Marín.


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