Lara Molino is an Italian song-writer and a music therapist.
Until now, she has composed over 200 songs in Italian and in “Abruzzese” (dialect from the region of Abruzzo), and has held hundreds of concerts in Italy and abroad, such as: Poland, Spain and Canada.
She isn’t just a singer, she also plays many instruments like the guitar, mouth-organ, piano, and different types of percussion instruments. Since 2003, she has been a teacher of modern singing and guitar in various schools and associations.

She has recorded several albums:
• “Fòrte e gendìle” (“Strong and gentle”, local motto to identify the inhabitants of Abruzzo): for FonoBisanzio / IRD, published on June 2017;
• “Il mio angolo di cielo” (“My heaven corner”): recorded in Rome at Kymotto studio by Massimo Varini, (producer and guitarist for Nek, Laura Pausini, Gianni Morandi, Ivano Fossati), came out in January 2009;
• The CD “La pazzia del perdono” (“Madness in forgiveness”): published in September 2012;
• The CD “Tra le mie braccia” (“In my arms”): come out in December 2006, as a charity project for disabled people (for the association ANFFAS Onlus Vasto);
• In 2003, together with the Piccoli Cantori di Nonsolomusica, she recorded some pieces in the dialectal CD “Ci stàve ‘na vote” (“Once upon a time”), produced by the Municipality of San Salvo (Abruzzo).

Moreover, she has been the official singer of “Emmanuel”, the 2000 World Youth Day anthem in which she sang several times in front of Pope John Paul II.
Lara Molino’s passion for music has evolved in wide range of artistic projects, especially related to theatre. In 2016 she wrote and produced the show “Grazie Scusa Permesso”, which she performed on tour in some Italian penitentiary institutions for the Jubilee of Mercy announce by Pope Francis. In May 2018, Lara writes a new play entitled “La terra è di chi la canta” (“The earth belongs to who sings about it”), a theatrical show with live music and songs in Abruzzese dialect: with recent records composed by Lara and songs of the popular tradition of Abruzzo.
Another relevant project to keep in mind, is the cooperation with the international violinist Michele Gazich, who is the artistic producer of the album. In May 2017 she performed on tour with him, presenting a preview of her most recent work: “Fòrte e gendìle”, in Abruzzo vernacular. It is dedicated to “all the people from Abruzzo who emigrated abroad, to all the women of the world, and to the wonderful land of Abruzzo”.

Lara has performed her songs in Abruzzese dialect in different regions of Italy, obtaining a remarkable success from critics and audiences. In 28th September 2017, she received the “Sirenetta d’Argento” Prize with the following motivation: “We believe that your music is particularly valuable because it enhances the Abruzzese language, tradition and its history, which are the soul of our Region in a national point of view”.

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