“Ogni volta che cercheremo le parole, i suoni sepolti nel profondo della nostra memoria, quando vorremo rileggere una pagina vera della nostra memoria, sarà la voce di Rosa che ritornerà a imporsi con la sua ferma disperazione, la sua tragica dolcezza…”. (Ignazio Buttitta)

ROSADILICATA is a magnificent example of a theater-song, born from the passion and talent of Chiara Casarico. It tells the story of Rosa Balistreri, a woman with a terrible childhood who finally finds success as a singer after many troubles in her life.
Rosa is one of those characters that belong with the idols of the Sicilian land: indeed it is a true icon of Sicily, even if – like many Sicilians – she was forced to emigrate and live far from her land. Born from a very poor family, she managed to redeem herself from her condition of misery and become a friend of great figures of art and culture such as Guttuso, Sciascia, Buttitta, Amalia Rodriguez, embodying a model of a woman who fights for her own emancipation.
The story is enriched by the beautiful songs of Rosa, which have a function both narrative and lyric.

Chiara Casarico, reciting voice, song, guitar

Roberto Mazzoli and Stefania Placidi, classical guitar
Directed by Emilia Martinelli
Set design by Lorenzo Terranera

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