directed by Enrico Fink

We trace a path of cultures and traditions. A path of peace, nomadism and love which starts from North Africa and goes up to Turkey, Greece, the Balkans, Eastern Europe, and the reaches our country: Italy.

Let’s try to think of the music that crosses the hearts of the people from those lands. Let’s try to understand them. We will discover that the roots are not so far from each other as it is believed. Culture and traditions have so much in common: flavors, rhythms, sounds.

Let’s try to think of the dramatic need to stop the war spiral, just to find a peaceful solution and a cohabitation based on the recognition of everyone’s rights to existence, creativity and life.

These are the inspiring principles of the project that led to the creation of the Arezzo Multiethnic Orchestra.

The Multiethnic Orchestra of Arezzo (OMA), was founded in 2007 by a training course, open to the participation of Italian and foreign musicians, which aimed at the knowledge and deepening of the basic structures of traditional music of the Mediterranean; to cross them with the Italian and European tradition and prepare a repertoire based on contamination.

The historical nucleus of the Multiethnic Orchestra of Arezzo proposes a repertoire that ranges from Arabian to Jewish tradition, from Mediterranean to Eastern Europe to Bangladesh, and to Taranta Pugliese, offering the public a real party of sounds and colors coordinated masterfully by Enrico Fink, a great expert of traditional Jewish music and world music in general.


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