Born in Pistoia in 1976, Giuditta Scorcelletti moved to Rome in 1997 to attend an acting school. In 2000 he graduated in Florence in geo-anthropology, with a thesis on the traditions of a microcosm of the Pistoia mountains. During his university studies he became interested in Tuscan folk songs. She started to sing and play guitar and makes his first folk concerts. In Rome she attended the Arciliuto theater, playing every evening for tourists. In 2003 she obtained the diploma of actress at the two-year IFTS course “Theater and music” organized in Prato by the National Academy of Dramatic Art “S. D’Amico “of Rome. In 2004 he self-produced his first album “Canti toscani” in Rome and began her career as a street artist in the town of San Gimignano. In 2005 the CD received an excellent review on the American magazine Sing Out.

She continued his career as a street performer in Italy and began to perform concerts in Germany, Austria and the United States. In 2006 she self-produced the second album, “Anthology of Tuscan folk songs” and continued his concert activity, extending the repertoire to Italian songwriters and international folk. In 2009 with the Tuscan label Radicimusic and with the Pistoiese guitarist Alessandro Bongi, she co-produced the album “Canta la cruia”, Tuscan folk songs and original compositions. The album also contains a cover by Fabrizio de André. In 2010, again with the label Radicimusic and Alessandro Bongi, she co-produced “Coscine di pollo”, an album of lullabies and rhymes from Tuscany. In 2012 she set up a theatrical / musical show dedicated to Gianni Rodari, with Alessandro Bongi, Raffaello Pareti, Ettore Bonafè, Antonino Siringo and Andrea Beninati .

In 2013 she met the producer and English author Michael Hoppé, who proposed to record some songs in English. “Nightingale” was born, recorded and arranged by Alessandro Bongi, who in 2015 will be nominated for the Grammy Awards, in the Folk category. The record, produced in the USA and in Korea, is distributed worldwide and received excellent reviews. In 2016, during a Tour in the South of Italy, Giuditta was defined in the Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno, “the Italian heir of Joan Baez”. She is currently engaged in an important project on female folk songs and continues her research on popular music in many countries.

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