LinguaMadre is the original production promoted by Premio Nazionale Città di Loano per la Musica Tradizionale Italiana, Premio Andrea Parodi di Cagliari and Festival Mare & Miniere, and born from an idea of the journalist and songwriting expert Enrico De Angelis. This project has been presented on the 25th July in Loano (Italy) for the Premio Loano 2019.

Following the theme of the mother – as one of the main characters of the Italian popular poetry, and as fundamental figure for the transmission of language and culture to a new born – this project gave sound and voice to the poems collected by Pier Paolo Pasolini in his Canzoniere Italiano (1955). At that time Italy was on the threshold of the economic boom and Italian language was starting to prevail on the regional idioms. Pasolini’s book is a forerunner journey in Italy through its popular poetry and the multitude and the beauty of its dialects.

Four young musicians have been selected among the most interesting talents of the Italian folk scene for an operation of “creative archaeology”: Duo Bottasso (violin, diatonic accordion, trumpet, flute), the singer Elsa Martin, and the multi- instrumentalist and singer Davide Ambrogio. They reinterpreted Pasolini’s work in a contemporary way, without any philologism, with the modern aesthetics and techniques of those who perform nowadays oral traditional music, creating original scores in which modern forms melt with a lyrical and evocative atmosphere.

A musical adventure where the voices of Elsa Martin and Davide Ambrogio interact with the trumpet and the flute of Duo Bottasso; the violin pizzicato with the lyra riffs; the bellow of the diatonic accordion becomes a rhythmic instrument, the drones of the zampogna match with the popular poems chosen riddles, lullabies, war songs and children motifs.

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