Lucilla Galeazzi is currently the most active and well-known Italian folk singer worldwide. After joining Giovanna Marini’s Vocal Quartet and Chistina Pluhar’s L’Arpeggiata, she keeps touring and making her own musical projects worldwide, spreading the vocal tradition of Italian popular music.

Lucilla Galeazzi was born in Terni, a small industrial town in the region of Umbria. Starting as a pop singer, soon she approaches popular music after a fortunate encounter with Umbria’s anthropologist Valentino Paparelli and vocal historian Alessandro Portelli, both already engaged in ethnomusicological research in Umbria and central Italy.

In 1977 she meets Giovanna Marini and joins her Vocal Quartet, later becoming an international star. In 1986 she meets Roberto de Simone and takes part in his great theatrical show “Stabat Mater” performed at the Opera Theater in Naples, and again on tour in New York, USA. In 1987, she stars the musical trio “Il Trillo”, with Ambrogio Sparagna, barrel organ, and Carlo Rizzo, tambourines. With this trio she goes beyond the mere re-statement of vocal music tradition.

Since 2002, she’s part of Christina Pluhar’s Baroque project “L’Arpeggiata”, singing in two award-winning albums and playing all around the world. She’s also former of Trio Rouge with Michel Godard and Vincent Courtois. In 2010 she founds the vocal ensemble
“Levocidoro”, which allowed six other female vocalists to join her in all the projects dedicated to traditional Italian polyphonic music.

Her collaboration with the female Moroccan vocal ensemble B’net Houariyat dates back to 2012: five singers and percussionists from Marrakesh, together with a quintet of Italian female artists, all of them singing, dancing and playing drums in the show “The magic voices of Mediterranean”.

In 2014, she writes and promotes two major theatrical-musical shows dedicated to the First World War: “Doppio Fronte. Oratorio per la Grande Guerra”, with the famous actor and performer Moni Ovadia, and “Il fronte delle donne” which debuts in Rome for the Centenary First World War celebration, obtaining the patronage of the Italian Government on April 25, 2015, when the album “Bella Ciao” is released. In 2016 she writes and sings in the show “La nave a vapore”, devoted to the history of the great Italian migratory movements. At the end of 2016, her show “Quanto sei bella Roma” goes to the Capitoline Museums: a tribute to the ancient Roman songs and culture.

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