Traditional folk coming from the region of Umbria, boasts an incomparable variety of styles; for this reason, in the past few decades it has attracted ethnomusicologists and anthropologists from all over the world, starting from Alan Lomax, up to the great contemporary vocal history theorists such as Sandro Portelli. The systematic field of research in Umbria, started in the seventies and never has interrupted since then, continuing to bring positive results to the table. Songs about work, “Stornelli” (A genre of traditional singing), epic-lyric-narrative, protests, politics, ritual songs paying tribute to the description of a land that never ceases to bring us in the heart of the Italian history.

The show “Canti dell’Umbria” is performed by Lucilla Galeazzi and Susanna Buffa, honoring the work of the great researchers Valentino Paparelli and Sandro Portelli, who have dedicated an important part of their life to the field of musical research in Umbria, and central Italy .

Lucilla Galeazzi Voice and classic guitar
Susanna Buffa Voice

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