In the Italian calendar there are two crucial secular celebrations of very ancient origins: Carnival and “Il Maggio” (The month of May). Between the nineteenth and twentieth century, Labor Day (May 1) becomes part of the calendar, and after the war, the Resistance (April 25) as well. These celebrations represent the evolution of ancient rites such as the arrival of spring. Their profound value has given life to rich repertoires of songs, music, serenades and dances.
The “Festa Italiana” (Italian celebration) brings together all these music genres in one singular show, which is also an album of songs, presented in all their vital energy giving human beings energy and strength to face a new, long year.
Lucilla Galeazzi has collected examples of celebratory music that match most of her beloved songs. Alongside the music genre “Tarantella di Montemarano”, there are also the Romagna and Umbrian saltarelli, and the Serenades, combining in a mixture of passion and tradition.

Lucilla Galeazzi, voice, guitar, castanets

Kevin Seddiki, guitar

Carlo Rizzo, tamburi a cornice

Marco Ambrosini, nickelarpa

Salvatore Zambataro, accordeon

Leonardo Teruggi, double bass

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