TRIO ROUGE was inspired from an original project of the cellist and composer Vincent Courtois for the French festival “Jazz sous les Pommiers” in Coutances: from the encounter between improvised jazz, and traditional popular Italian music.
For the project, Courtois chose as his collaborator, the tubist and composer Michel Godard and Lucilla Galeazzi.

The three musicians create fascinating soundscapes of Mediterranean flavor, in a sort of “imaginary folklore” in which Italian folk songs – serenades, tarantellas, or the hymn “Bella ciao” – are combined with elements from classical, jazz, avant-garde, which give these ancient songs a new and fascinating sound.

Lucilla Galeazzi, voice
Michel Godard, tuba
Vincent Courtois, cello
Lucilla Galeazzi, voce
Michel Godard, tuba
Vincent Courtois, violoncello

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