Since 1996 they have been experimenting with mixing the music of the Salento region of southern Italy with electronica and contemporary dance beats. Lead singer of the band is the eclectic musician from Lecce, Alessandro Coppola, whose creativity and love for his land have produced a passionate and mindful research of contents coming from the tradition, the music, the poetry, the folklore of the Mediterranean culture, acquired and elaborated.

”Migration leads people to revive and reinterpret the history of their homeland. At the same time, it is an opportunity to look at the image of our people as we look at a mirror covered in dust. Today we are part of a new phenomenon of migration from Italy towards other countries, mostly youth, who are forced to place their cultural identity aboard”. A. Coppola

Guests and runners up at the 1998 edition of the Italian award for young musicians ‘Premio Tenco’, they were the opening act for the Simple Minds concert in 1999, for the Robert Plant concert in Rome, nominated for the best album in dialect at the 2006 edition of ‘Premio Tenco’, opening act for Cesaria Evora during the Earth Day in Rome in 2008, they were selected at Babel Med Music in 2009, at Vic and at Womex in Copenhagen 2010, as opening act of Khaled in 2012, and performed at the prestigious Montreux Jazz and Womad Festival in UK, Spain, New Zealand and Australia.

The music by Nidi d’Arac is pure pleasure of dance and sound, it is an ongoing party, it is emotional involvement, it is spirituality. The power of this versatile ensemble is an immediate and almost physical way through, thanks also to the audacious attempt of mixing the traditional triplets rhythm of the tambourine of the Salento ‘pizzica’ with the chaotic reality.

“Nidi D’Arac explore a crossover between the traditional musics of Southern Italy and new musical tendencies, the important thing here being that there are elements already present in the old that are sympathetically amplified by the new…there’s definitely something good going on in Italy.


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