Nilza is the spokeswoman of the revolution of her people who, also thanks to their music and spirituality, have found their way to emancipation. Her debut album, “Revolution, Rivoluzione, Revoluçào”, out in 2014, is a fascinating trip through the best World Music and it mingles Afro-Jazz with Samba, Blues and hypnotic voodoo atmospheres.

“Roots” is her second album, released in October 2016 by the FonoFabrique Label. It’s co-produced by Associazione Culturale Studio SoundLab, with the arrangements of the drummer Roberto “Red” Rossi. Ten songs tell, with religious feeling, melancholy, but also with hope, the lives of men and women far away from their homeland, blending sounds of nature with Afro-jazz and Yoruba idiom and pervasive divinity forces.
This way, the album becomes a magic journey between cultures and languages, in which lyrics in Portuguese, English, Italian and Yoruba are highlighted thanks to excellent instrumentalists’ contributions.

Nilza Costa is a Brazilian singer and songwriter born in Salvador, Bahia and her heart beats to African ancestral rhythms. In her singing traditional forms of Brazilian music and culture, such as Candomblè, Capoeira, Samba, Maculè and Cantigas de Roda, are transfigured and filtered in a striking and original way.

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