Cafè Loti

Nando Citarella, Stefano Saletti, Pejman Tadayon
Sounds and aromas on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

Three musicians with a solid background, engaged for years in the research of popular Mediterranean music and the East. The two genres combined in an original project that becomes a bridge between past and present, between “cultured” and popular music, between the Western tradition and the oriental one.

In the ancient “Cafè Loti” of Istanbul, it is where travelers stopped to talk, know each other, play, and truly feel the differences between the North and South of the world. The melodies traveled, the instruments traveled, the rhythms traveled.

The journey is told by Nando Citarella, Stefano Saletti, and Pejman Tadayon following the routes of history; starting from Spain, where they meet with French troubadours and popular cantatas of Naples in Southern Italy.

The “tammorra” music genre, resounds on a Greek bouzouki, the saz, the setar and the oud play along with the marranzano, and the tenor chant. In the repertoire, as well as original compositions, there are passages from the Spanish Sephardic tradition, medieval cantigas, pieces of classical Persian music, madrigals, tarantellas, folk ballads. A musical celebration that crosses the Mediterranean, following the routes of those ancient travelers.

In December 2015 the CD of “Cafè Loti” was released. Distributed by Materiali sonori, it’s the album that arrived in the final round of the Tenco 2016 Prize, in the dialects and minority languages ​​section.


Nando Citarella: vocalist, tammorre, chitarra battente, marranzano

Stefano Saletti: bouzouki, oud, guitar, percussions, vocalist

Pejman Tadayon: saz, oud, târ,setâr, ney, voice



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