The region of Sabina and Upper Sabina, which includes the neighboring territories of the provinces of Rome and Rieti, still preserves an extensive patrimony of traditional music that, starting from the Amatrice area and extending westwards, embraces peculiar musical forms and ways. . Sara Modigliani and Susanna Buffa embark on a path of research and artistic reproposion of a very rich and misunderstood repertoire, which includes the female work songs of the tradition of Amatrice, the stornelli.

The repertoire of Sara Modiglia is based on the songs of ancient Rome and the singer Italy Ranaldi that of Susanna Buffa is based on the songs of the amatriciano area and the Umbrian border
The only two voices mix together and sometimes express themselves in solo, unveiling the stories and stories, sometimes with the support of the classical guitar.

Sara Modigliani, song and guitar
Susanna Buffa, song and guitar

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