“In the Vesuvius volcano, pulsate the rhythms that have always accompanied the traditional songs and dances from the italian region of Campania, and of all of central and southern Italy. But this fertile land has also received the rhythmic beat of all those people coming from other places, that by crossing the great sea, they have arrived down here. Thus, respecting the volcanic nature in this “Terra e ‘motus”, the Vesuvius is the “great drum” that marks the time for ancient songs and for new “contaminations”. The Tamburi del Vesuvio project was born, in 1994, from the will of Nando Citarella to give voice to the ethno-cultural influences that the Italian social reality was beginning to express. From deep knowledge and “belonging” to the social reality of popular festivals and not of southern Italy already in 1990, Nando Citarella, during a conference at the University of Rio de Janeiro on: “Religious syncretism and musical synergies” said:   (…) “Going through the itineraries of popular, religious and non-religious festivals, you can meet people from countries other than ours (Turkey, Morocco, Senegal, Albania, India, Brazil, Cuba, etc.), which are integrated into what for them is a cultural example that seems to evoke, despite the diversity, its own realities of origin. It is no coincidence therefore that, during the popular festivals of our South, the sounds of African Djembè or Masar and North African Bendir, mix with the ancient rhythms of tammurriate and tarantella (…) ” This simple consideration has inspired the path of the Drums of Vesuvius. During these years from the continuous contribution given by the collaboration of artists coming from the most varied ethnic realities and from the direction of Nando Citarella, a proper language was born, an expressive peculiarity that makes the music of Tamburi del Vesuvio ancient and modern at the same time, in a perpetual, refreshing, timeless journey. This “journey” brought the Tamburi del Vesuvio through the major Italian and European festivals ”



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