A fascinating journey through traditions, languages and rhythms from different countries. From Balkan gypsy dances to melancholic Jewish tunes. From Argentine Tangos to Cuban Boleros, with a touch of Roman dialect and an eye on American songwriters and, original songs composed by the duo. You will travel on this unique “musical train” and enjoy every minute of it.

The duo has traveled the streets of Italy, USA, Germany, Poland and India with great success, organizing music workshops with children from orphanages and schools.

In the city of Rome, they performed in various summer events, comedy nights, dance and poetry, markets, book presentations and artistic exhibitions; as well as many other street situations and festivals. Paolo Camerini (double bass, loops, acoustic bass) and Ludovica Valori (vocals, accordion, trombone, piano, keyboards) come from the most varied musical experiences, from the historical gypsy-folk-rock band Nuove Tribù Zulu to Roman tradition groups Ardecore and BandaJorona, klezmer by Dragan Trio and brass sounds by Titubanda street band.

With the first CD “Shadows and lights”, the duo’s path has been enriched by new sounds: bouzouki and violin, ukulele and acoustic guitar embellish. Original compositions in Italian, English and Spanish for an exciting chapter of their journey. The album was included in the list of the best independent albums released in Rome in 2015 by Romasuona, included in the list of 30 Italian indie CDs reported by MEI (Meeting of Independent Labels). From this album the duo has released two videoclips: “The Traveller”, shot in India, and “Hong”, soundtrack for the documentary film “Doris & Hong” by Leonardo Cinieri Lombroso.

Their second album, “Caffè Fortuna”, co-produced through a crowdfunding campaign and released in December 2017. The album contains ten original songs in Italian and English, as well as two traditional songs: a very special version of “Maremma Amara” and the classic Balkan song “Ajde Jano”. The album is meant as an homage to the migrants of yesterday and today. From this CD, the duo released two videoclips: “La Mia Strada”, shot in the streets of New York and “Caffè Fortuna”, shot in the historic site of the mines in Belgium.

They have recently performed at the FETE DE LA MUSIQUE DE GASPERICH in Luxembourg, which was a great success.


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