Traindeville’s new CD: ten original tracks composed in Italian and English as well as two traditional songs (the Italian folk tune “Maremma Amara” and a famous traditional song from the Balkans, “Ajde Jano”).

A new chapter of the band’s colorful musical journey.”Caffè Fortuna”, the title-track, was composed after a mini-tour in Luxembourg. The visit to the mines of Esch-Sur-Alzette, where many Italians worked, which consequentially inspired the song about migration, hope and work.

Of course, Rome has a particular place in the duo’s musical heart: in “Serenata Leggera” we hear a woman singing under the balcony of her careless lover, while the playful rumba “Roma Randagia” is a tribute to the world of street artists. The duo’s folk sounds are enriched in this work by the collaboration of Stefano Saletti on bouzouki, Franco Pietropaoli on guitars, Adriano Dragotta on violin, Dario Esposito on drums, as well as the voices of Amy Denio, American multi-instrumentalist and Edoardo Inglese, leader of the historic Original Slammer Band, respectively in the songs “Dreamlands” and “Taranta Migrante”. The album, released in December 2017, is mixed by Eugenio Vatta and was produced by Ludovica Valori and Paolo Camerini after a successful crowdfunding campaign on the popular Musicraiser platform.



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