“In questo viaggio” is the title of the new album of the trio Tupa Ruja, composed by the singer Martina Lupi, Alessandro Gwis at the piano and electronics and Fabio Gagliardi at the didgeridoo and percussion. A “journey” that crosses times and cultures, bringing together instruments from different places and worlds, such as the didgeridoo, (the traditional Australian aboriginal instrument), which blends with the harmonic singing of the culture of Mongolia, and with the sounds more modern than the piano, up to marry with contemporary electronic sounds.
A work that focuses on research and rediscovery, as well as very ancient instruments, languages and dialects. A song in Portuguese (“Como o ar do mar”), two songs in Genoese dialect, (“Oua” and “Realtà non è”), a reinterpretation with piano and voice of the famous “No poto reposare”, in Sardinian dialect , two tracks in Italian, (“Non c’è luce”, which ends with a part of Indian solfeggio, and “Porta con te ieri”) and two instrumental pieces, “Reminiscenze” and Mimesi “, make up the new Tupa album Ruja, produced by Filibusta Records.


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