Ulia in “Salentino” (Italian dialect from Southern Puglia) has two meanings: the first one is olive.

The second one is *I would/ I would like” which is the main subject of the new song of ANNA CINZIA VILLANI. She is well known to be the “VOICE OF SALENTO” thanks to her ability to interpret the melodies of her land in an ancient and modern way simultaneously.

Ulia gives the name to the new project which includes others new songs written by Anna Cinzia Villani, a different approach to the traditional dance on the stage. Everybody knows that “Pizzica pizzica” was a rhythmic dance born in peasant communities to celebrate family and working life. However, not all people know that the same rhythm is used for a duel men dance called “Danza scherma”, real similar to the Capoeira. This, is a real new aspect of the tradition of Salento not only for music, but also for dancing.


Anna Cinzia Villani – Voice, tamburello

Alessandro Lorusso – Classic guitar, Berimbau

Massimiliano Pero’ – Voice, accordion, tamburello

Francesco De Donatis – Voice, tamburello, Bendir, duff

Special Guest Mestre Canhao – Voice, berimbau, Timba, Pandeiro



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